We deliver precise data and predictions for each stage of a project.

By integrating financial and project accounting systems, we guarantee efficient performance information, encompassing earned value analysis.

This empowers our clients to manage and adapt to changes effectively. Project controls are a central component of the comprehensive project and program management consulting services we offer.

Schedule Management

MicAyla’s schedule management team guarantees a comprehensive perspective on every project. We employ advanced methods and cooperative workshops to encompass the entire scope of work, ensuring timely project delivery. By establishing baselines and monitoring progress, we report significant deviations and mitigation strategies. Our resource-loaded schedules facilitate proactive team management, while our schedule analysis tools and approaches ensure that the timetable is reliable and well-suited for its intended purpose.

Capital | TAR | MEGA | Brown/Green-Field

“What-If” | Monte Carlo Simulations

Primavera P6 | Admin SuperUsers

Schedule Quality | Acumen Fuse

Primavera P6 | Training


Project planning

Our project planning team crafts a transparent roadmap for the project, spanning from inception to completion. We immerse ourselves within the client’s team, collaborating to define necessary outcomes, advantages, and deliverables, while offering crucial guidance for each project. By establishing WBS/CBS and OBS alignment from the beginning, we facilitate the determination of project delivery and documentation methods, pinpointing essential resources, tools, constraints, and risks.

Risk Management

Risk management empowers our clients to complete projects and work programs on schedule, adhering to budget, quality, and performance expectations. Our expert risk management team employs both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to actively manage risks, guide decision-making, and achieve favorable project results. Drawing on our diverse industry experience, we create customized solutions to boost project performance even further.


Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) enables our clients to efficiently track and manage project development in line with budget, timeline, and performance objectives. Our proficient EVM team applies established techniques and numerical indicators to actively evaluate project performance, support informed decision-making, and guarantee favorable project results. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience in numerous industries, we design tailored EVM approaches that maximize project efficiency and yield outstanding outcomes.

Custom EVM system saves leading Oil & Gas producer over $20 million


Some Say...

Their Schedule Management has been a Game-Changer for us!

MicAyla’s schedule management services helped us keep the business on track and running smoothly. Their team of experts created schedules and processes that kept everyone accountable and on task, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability. Thanks to our new Scheduling tools and systems, the future of our business just got brighter!

Andy Newman


A Breath of Fresh Air for Our Budget!

As a program director, keeping costs under control is crucial. MicAyla’s Cost Control service was a breath of fresh air for our budget. Their team of experts helped us identify areas where we could reduce costs without compromising the quality of our services. With their help, we were able to reallocate resources and make strategic decisions that enabled us to continue our mission and serve our community.

Michelle Moore

Program Director

A Game-Changer for Our Business!

MicAyla’s Earned Value Management service is a game-changer for any business. Their team of professionals helped us track project performance and make informed decisions that ultimately led to increased profitability. Their comprehensive approach to earned value management gave us the tools we needed to optimize our resources and maximize our return on investment.

David Lee


A Must-Have for Every Business!

As a corporate executive, I understand the importance of managing risk. MicAyla’s Risk Management service helped us identify and mitigate potential risks across our organization. Their team of professionals brought a level of expertise that was unmatched, and their comprehensive approach to risk management made all the difference in keeping our business running smoothly.

Sarah Johnson

VP of Risk Management

A Must-Have for Any Successful Business!

As a small business owner, I’ve learned that effective project planning is crucial for success. MicAyla’s Project Planning service helped me identify potential challenges and develop a plan that kept my business moving forward. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering results made all the difference in helping me grow my business.

John Kim


“Partners in Economic and Ecosocial Empowerment”


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Caroline Alabi

With over 27 years of experience, including 15 years as a Project Controls Professional, Caroline has a proven track record of developing and implementing cost controls in capital programs and projects, with a focus on the oil and gas industry. Her expertise is particularly extensive in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) and the downstream sector. She is the creator of the Estimate to Complete/Estimate at Completion workbook, which enables the accurate forecasting of project performance upon completion. Caroline has been recognized for her exceptional performance, receiving both the Core Innovative Award and Outstanding Employee Performance award. Additionally, she provides valuable mentorship to the Cost Control team.

 Career Highlights:

  • Project Cost Controller at BASF, responsibilities included overseeing the cost control process for several major capital projects during both the detailed engineering and construction phases. She was responsible for preparing and maintaining accurate project cost forecasts and providing detailed variance explanations for root cause analysis. This involves preparing Work Breakdown Structures, Cashflow reports, and creating project cost reports.
  • Lead Cost Engineer at BP-Husky, responsible for overseeing project cost forecasts, Work Breakdown Structures, benchmarking, Cashflow reports, Management of Change tracking, finance, procurement and supply chain management interface, and project reporting for projects totaling over half a billion dollars. The projects she managed include the Crude Processing Metallurgical Upgrade, which safely enables increased capacity of Hi-TAN crude, feed optimization for the Desalters, and the installation of a new FCC Naphtha Post Treater at the BP-Husky Refining LLC (BPH) Toledo Refinery to meet US EPA Tier 3 gasoline regulations.
  • Lead Cost Engineer at BP GOM Thunderhorse Offshore Water Injection (Worley Parsons): A BP brown field project on water injection efficiencies on the Thunder horse platform. Where she was responsible for EPC cost reporting and forecasting, management of project change control, WIP /VOWD, internal financial reporting to Worley Parsons.
  • Project Controls Lead at BP Thunder Horse & BP Atlantis (FMC Technologies Inc) :FMC managed BP projects in the GOM for subsea production system; Scope included subsea trees, manifolds, pressure cap, and completions services to BP.

Tom O'brien

Thomas has over 34 years of experience in project management, project service, and controls across a range of sectors, including oil and gas, infrastructure, buildings, power, petrochemical, and commercial construction industries. He possesses hands-on expertise in all phases of EPC work, from FEED through execution and closeout, and has extensive experience in contract administration, scope development, and execution. His work includes both onshore and offshore projects, as well as upstream and downstream operations. His technical proficiency is complemented by field construction experience.

SME in Planning and Scheduling, Project Controls, Risk Analysis and Claim Mitigation. Experience writing and auditing Project Execution Plans (PEPs) and Procedures. Expert use of industry software including Primavera P6 and MS Project. PMI Cost Management REP.

Career Highlights:

Project Services/Controls /Manager on the following Oil & Gas major projects:

  • Jazan ASU Project – Largest (6) Train Air Separation Units in the world. Jazan, KSA
  • BP Plant Wide Modernization Project included (4) new units (Crude, Coker, Hydrotreater, SRU) ($10.2B). Whiting, IN
  • Pipeline Crude Oil “C” Sunoco Oil (4) Simultaneous New LSG Units ($2.1B). USA
  • (3) Simultaneous New Ultra-Low Diesel units ($900M). USA
  • Regen Head Replacement & New COB Boiler, Marcus Hook PA
  • Offshore Platform and Undersea pipelines replacement, Bahama Oil Co

Schedule Risk, Cost Risk, and Claims Management assignments include:

  • Defend claims for various clients in the Middle East.
  • Defended Claims and Deposed as Expert witness on FPL Co-gen, Marcus Hook PA ($750M).
  • Authored claim for a contractor for $3.6M, settled for $3.1M,
  • Successfully Defended $20M delay claim on behalf of the owner on New Gas Oil Hydro Treater Unit ($1.2B). (Negotiated $20M claim to $6.2M),
  • Successfully Defended schedule delay claim on behalf of the owner on Mining & Metal: Phase 2 & 3 New Tunnel and Aluminium Smelter ($14 B) Terms Confidential.