What we do..

Yield the greatest possible benefits to our customers.

Any investment you make in one area of your business or organizational development will inevitably impact other areas. Everything is connected, so the services we offer are connected too.

Your organization and your strategy for developing it are complex. That’s why we have developed a range of expertise with the breadth and depth to cover every area of project planning, delivery and business improvement, at every stage of the project or business life cycle. It means that the solutions we develop for you are based on a deep understanding of your overall objectives, and it gives us the perspective to recognize the opportunities that will generate a greater advantage for you.

PreConstruction & 


When PreConstruction and Constructability services are engaged as early as possible, it enhances the ability to design, build, commission, qualify and validate facilities more efficiently. Efficiency spanning all phases increases the value of services we bring to our customers.

Protect Our Clients

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best product possible. By including PreConstruction and Constructability in our offerings, project execution is streamlined, and design rework is minimized.

Drive Predictability

Leveraging construction experience and providing input to the project estimate and schedule removes a lot of the unknown variables. It gives a clear picture of what the project is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and when it will be completed.

Think Execution

Understanding from the onset of how design influences construction execution promotes a deeper level of communication among the entire project team.

Provide Ease of Build

Preconstruction services provide a comprehensive approach to addressing all aspects of the project work during the design phase. The safe and efficient implementation of construction activities in the field with minimal disruption to adjacent and or ongoing operations is a top priority.

Proven Value

According to respected industry organizations, the engagement of preconstruction results in overall schedule reduction and cost savings of up to 7% of TIC.

Contracts Management & Administration

Procurement options and contractual strategy

Contract review, recommendations and negotiation

Contract risk analysis

Due diligence on procurement and contract structure

Contract procedures and training

Project Controls


Cost Control

Planning & Scheduling

Quantity Surveying

Change Management

Risk Management

Earned Value Management

The main goal of Project Controls is to provide the client with accurate information to successfully and proactively manage and forecast the project.

Project Management 

Key Experience with Integrated Project Management Teams (IPMT)

Robust Project Execution Plans

Goal-driven to meet project objectives

Proven Tools & Techniques

Dispute Avoidance & Resolution

Expert level experience

Specifically in the Oil & Gas industry

Dispute Avoidance, Mitigation & Resolution


Global experience in Supply Chain Management including Africa and the Middle East.


Manpower Planning & Coordination

Simultaneous Operations




Customs Support




Degreed, Experienced Instructors

Over 15+ years of training experience

Training Experience for Major Oil Companies, EPC and Contractors

Course Material Based on Principals of Adult Learning

Curriculum Bespoke to Clients needs

Courses Include:

Project Controls for the Oil & Gas Industry

Primavera P6 – Introduction and Advanced

Cost Management

Earned Value Management

Document Control

Quantity Surveying

OSHA Safety Courses

5-Dimensional Planning Solutions