Why Training is important in Oil and Gas Industry?

In any organization; Training and development activities are so aimed at improving of skills and knowledge of its individuals.  An organization’s training curriculum and strategy can greatly impact its ability to meet the industry regulations and standards.  This is more pronounced in the Oil and Gas industry

This training courses are very important so as it is not only aimed to improve the technical skills for its individuals but also to make them aware with Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Here are Five (5) main points with highlights the importance of training in the Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Improved Performance
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Career enhancement and Security
  4. Improved wages
  5. Nurture young talents
Improved Performance

Training helps individuals expand their knowledge and learn more advanced technological skills and adapt to the rapidly evolving competitive environment.  It also helps in networking and drawing from other’s experience.  Training is the one major element organizations consider when looking to offer promotions

Employee Engagement

Employees who are engaged naturally bring more value to the organization.  When an organization dedicates time and resources of training programs it means that they value their employees and sense of being valued increases employee’s engagement exponentially

Career enhancement and Security

Employees should continue to learn and develop new professional skills as this will open up opportunities for advancement in their career.  The Oil and Gas Industry, which is high price sensitive, is dependent on the health of the economy. When an employee is skilled and familiar with the best practices ensures that he’s valuable to the employer and doesn’t need to worry about job security

Improved wages

An employee who is more skilled will inevitably earn more income.  A survey done by energy voice showed that more than 40% of Oil and Gas professionals had get pay raise post acquiring new skills from training programs

Nurture young talents

Talents drained is an issue faced by many industries and Oil and Gas is no exception.  When older and more experienced employees retire from the company it leads to the huge talent gape in the organization. So, in order to avoid facing that scenario, organization should train young employees in order to prepare them for more difficult responsibilities in the future

The challenge of connection employers and educators to collaboratively plan for training future workers is an enduring one particularly for jobs that are rapidly changing because of technological advancement.  Therefore, organizations need to be available and stay ahead in the industry.

Degreed, Experienced Instructors

Over 15+ years of Training experince

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