Training & Certification

“Bespoke curriculums to fit clients needs”

We offer a one-of-a-kind holistic approach to training and certification that allows options for a wider range of courses and scalability to meet any demand. MicAyla has relationships with Industry-leading accredited institutions and instructors from around the globe, which gives us a large and high-quality resource pool to draw from.

Training Categories

Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Training

It is our Core Belief that Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) programs are a commitment to putting people first—employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, and community members—and doing what’s right by responsibly managing all environmental aspects of the business.


Why a 5-Day, 30 hrs course?

By attending this in-depth, week-long course, teams are committing to one of the highest levels of occupational safety and health training available. Very few courses offer the depth of critical knowledge, timely information or important skills that will be found here. This course will prepare organizations to fully protect their employees from hazards and protect their organization from fines, penalties and citations for non-compliance.

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Day One:

    • Welcome and overview of the weeks training
    • Safety & Health

Day Two:

    • Record-Keeping and Reporting
    • Inspections, Citations & Penalties
    • Walking and Working Surfaces

Day Three:

    • First Aid
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Materials Handling & Storage
    • Permit-Required Confined Spaces 

Day Four:

    • Lockout / Tagout
    • Machine Guarding
    • Hearing Conservation 

Day Five:

    • Hazardous Materials
    • Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection
    • Electrical
    • Hazardous Communication 

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Project Controls Training

With over a century of combined years of industry experience matched by unparalleled wisdom, our team provides a very rare and invaluable understanding of the Project Controls Industry. All sectors, streams, positions, project sizes, turnaround budgets, and other variables/conditions, have all been experienced, first-hand, leaving not many situations to identify as “unfamiliar”.


Introduction to Planning:

For: Managers and Planners/Schedulers
Duration: 1 day

The Introduction to Planning course is designed for people that have never been exposed to the planning process. Setting up the base to become a quality planner is our goal, so this class is perfect for those looking to move into the planning field. You will leave this one-day class with the understanding that the basis of all cost and schedule is derived from a planner. Understanding the complexities and solutions, with a goal to provide quality education, is our commitment to every student.

Basic Turnaround Planning:

For: Managers and Planners/Schedulers
Duration: 3 days

The Basic Planning course was created to give you the basic tools and information needed to create a detailed planner package and explain the importance of the role. During the (3) day course we will cover the importance of a “detailed” planner package, roles & responsibilities of a planner, change management for planners, and planner’s impact on the schedule. These topics will successfully prepare you for your upcoming challenge as a Turnaround or Maintenance Planner.

Advanced Turnaround Planning:

For: Managers and Planners/Schedulers
Duration: 2 days

The Advanced Turnaround Planning Course is designed for individuals to utilize experience gained in the field of turnaround project controls for personal growth. Students will gain a thorough understanding of how successful turnaround planning and processes are established and executed from conception to closeout.


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Primavera P6 Scheduling Fundamentals:

For: Managers and Planners/Schedulers
Duration: 3 days

This course provides hands-on training for Primavera’s client/server-based solution Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered. This three-day course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion. All workshops and instruction use the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource, and costs.

Primavera P6 Advanced Scheduling:

For: Managers and Planners/Schedulers
Duration: 2 days

This two-day course provides in-depth project management training in Primavera’s client/server-based solution. Building off skills learned in the Fundamentals course, the P6 Professional – Advanced course covers advanced subjects such as earned value analysis, resource and role analysis, resource assignments, resource leveling, and global changes. Hands-on workshops enable students to apply skills learned throughout the course.

P6 Turnaround Scheduling:

For: Managers and Planners/Schedulers
Duration: 3 days

This Basic Turnaround Scheduling course is designed for individuals that have no Turnaround experience utilizing the P6 application. Students will gain a thorough understanding of how to build schedules to meet the required needs in today’s turnaround industry. Applying hands-on training in the P6 software with experienced turnaround schedulers guiding you through. Students will walk away with a good comprehension of how the process is broken down into individual components culminating in a resource-loaded execution schedule.

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Project Cost Management:

For: Managers and Cost Engineers
Duration: 2 days

The Cost Management course addresses the identification, elaboration, planning, and management of the project budget. Including selected processes from the PMI Integration, Cost, Scope and Risk Knowledge Areas, this class addresses the development of a Project Cost Estimate, Project Budget, and the Project Budget Baseline. In addition, it addresses the preparation of a spending profile that supports variance analysis and corrective action using Earned Value Management. Using a combination of theory-based lectures and hands-on exercises, students are provided with an effective skill set for developing and controlling the project budget baseline.


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Skill Sets Training & Certification

As a core value and commitment to the growth of local content skillsets and capabilities, MicAyla has partnered with accredited institutions and instructors to offer Globally Recognized Certification programs to local communities. We strongly believe that the success of any project or industry lies with the people in it and their capabilities.

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Current Programs Offered:


Structural Welding

Structural welders are responsible for all welding on Oil & Gas projects except for Pipe welding. They are also essential in all pre-fabrication work i.e., Modularization, Shop Fabrication etc.

Duration: 6 Months

Certificate: American Welding Society Structural Welder Certificate

Advanced / Pipe Welding

Pipe welders are responsible for all Pipe welding on Oil & Gas projects

Duration: 3 Months (After Structural Welding Course Completion)

Certificate: American Welding Society Pipe Welder Certificate

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

NDT Inspectors are responsible for verifying that the welder’s final product meets industry and project standard codes and specifications

Duration: 6 Months

Certificate: American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Level I / II

Commercial Diving

Commercial Divers are responsible for all underwater welding, inspection and NDT inspection activities in the Oil & Gas industry as well as others

Duration: 6 Months

Certificate: IBW – International Commercial Diver Certificate

Operator / Maintenance Training

Operators control, monitor and maintain the machines/equipment used to produce, refine and pump chemicals, oil, gas and their by-products.

Duration: Equipment Dependent

Certificate: Equipment Dependent

“Real-world hands-on experience”

All courses are taught by certified instructors offering real-world experience in order to best relate to the needs of the participants. They apply effective techniques with a hands-on approach that enhances retention of the training material, which promotes a safer and more productive execution of projects.