Oil and Gas Industry In Tanzania

In the recent years, Tanzania has discovered a lot of natural gas reserves which are expected to influence positively the socioeconomic and political development of the nation. It provides the potential opportunities to government, domestic and foreign companies and the local community. However, the main objective of any natural resource management is to assist the country to realize the actual economic growth of its people.

Imagine you’re Jane/John Doe born and bred in the mighty republic of Tanzania to the east side of Africa.  A country that prides itself of a huge cultural heritage, to it’s beautiful strong build of men and woman alike, to its bountifulness of minerals, all the way down to its eloquence in Swahili. A language that’s now spread its roots far and wide.  I can see the smile spreading wide on your face.  Oh yeah, I can feel its welcoming warmth in my heart.  It has soothing richer than any balm could have…

But then again a dark cloud lingers briefly over your head, drip feeding your mind on all the hopefulness that recently befriended you. The hopelessness of you living a hand to mouth sort of life, some not even knowing any privilege of work at all.

But no worries Micayla Inc. is here to cushion your life’s miseries.  Unlocking a whole lot of mysteries. We are going to take you through this journey step by step courtesy of our trained experts and should you have any quarries, kindly feel free to voice them out. So everyone fasten your seatbelts as our roller Coaster ride is about to take off. I hope you’re enjoy the ride….

I know most of you may not be bold enough to ask out loud how this new venture is going to benefit you as an individual while the other half are already second-guessing.  Easy now, both parties are right.  There’s a whole lot of advantages in this than there could be any disadvantages;

In terms of Education, its case of killing two birds with one stone. How cool is that! Well, your guess is good as mine guys.  We are to use our experts to train and teach Tanzanians all about navigating and conducting oil and gas industry.  Having learnt from the best of the best, those who acquired that big knowledge will transfer that to youngsters and them to install the knowledge obtained to another generation of youngsters and the cycle goes on and on….

Secondly, our motherland Tanzania too won’t be left out on its share of smiles.  Why you wonder.   Well this is the reason.  For a very long time, most of our population, young and old alike have been roaming the streets idly, leading to some resonating to crime, others doing drags and what have you.  But know with MicAyla Inc. on board our government is going to boast, knowing that it has created job opportunities for its children.

Talking of Job opportunities being set off and up, this also calls up for a boost in the economy.  Lately and especially with the surge of COVID-19, the economy scale of not only Tanzania but most countries, has been seen spiraling southwards.  MicAyla Inc therefore, will be looked at as the savior of our country’s economy in that, while the business is abuzz, a lot of exportation is sure to be expected.  And with the exportation going, channels and channels of cash in terms of foreign exchange will be flowing in to Tanzania, giving us much need boost.

Another advantage is, we will be enjoying lower energy costs. This is a bit self-explanatory.  To drive the point home, our country being the source of origin for the oil/gas, its populace won’t be having problems enjoying the commodities hence they’ll be sold to them at a friendly cost.

Lastly but not least, we’re going to be reaping huge in terms of boosting local business all thanks to our oil/gas industry workers.  To add onto this, they’ll also developing our infrastructures.  And this is mainly attainable through the road and pipeline and refineries too.  All roads leading to the mentioned places should and will have to be top-notch condition to ease transport on the workers and that’s the infrastructures we are talking about.

So aside going home tired but with hefty pockets, I, rather our company can guarantee you as well as our country of years upon years filled with smiles larger than life

MicAyla Inc.

Reduce Costs, Minimize Risks, Optimize Results